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You can install the package via composer
composer require ibnnajjaar/graphify
You can publish the config file with:
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="graphify-config"
This is the contents of the published config file:
return [
* The disk on which to store added files and derived images by default. Choose
* one of the disks you've configured in config/filesystems.php.
'disk_name' => env('OG_IMAGE_DISK', 'public'),
* The path of the view template file that will
* be used to generate the open graph image.
* */
'view_path' => 'graphify::graphify',
* You can specify a prefix for that is used for storing all media. If you set this
* to `/og-images`, all your media will be stored in a `/og-images` directory.
'media_prefix' => env('OG_IMAGE_MEDIA_PREFIX', ''),
* Determines if a new open graph image will be generated automatically
* when a new resource is created.
'generate_graphify_on_create' => true,
* Determines if the open graph image will be regenerated automatically
* when a resource's graphify field is updated.
'generate_graphify_on_update' => true,
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